Electric power-saving which we propose.

Efficiency of Die Heater

It is possible to heat up without damaging metal mold.
Therefore product life of mold will be extended extremely.
It is possible to minimize the total fuel cost.
Non defective products come out from starting and there are no wasted trial operations.

What is Die Heater?

*That is a far-integrated radiation heater, which heat source to power is electricity.
*That is a both sided flat panel heater which heats surface to surface.
*That is a heater which heats efficiently to preset temperature for various type of
metal mold such as die-cast, gravity, low pressure casting and forging.
*That is a heater which sets obstacle between a pair of metal mold.
*That is a heater which can set different electrical output for each mold of a pair.
T*hat is a heater which can set a starting time by 999 hours' time switch.

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