Die Heater

This will heat metal mold such as die-cast mold, gravity mold, shell mode mold and forging mold to preset temperature by start of working hour.

Metal mold preheater: Outlook of die-heater

In 1984 we developed prototype of pre-heater requested by our clients.
At that time the importance of metal mold preheating began to be recognized but preheating by gas burner was main method which included the issues such as damaging mold itself.
Various trials to pre heat metal mold by electric heating without damaging mold have been conducted
but all have been failed. The reason why those trials have been failed is that if they seek to get enough heat,
heater was worn out and product life of heater became short and if they seek for longer product life of heater,
they could not get necessary heat enough and had to rely on gas burner roasting for heating up.

We have repeatedly received order and delivered some hundreds units of die-heater up to date, supported by its high capability of heating power and distinguished durability through word of mouth.
Regarding its capability of heater, for example, in case of 2,000 tons pressure die-cast machine mold it can heat up to 176 degrees centigrade within one hour and in case of 350 tons press die-cast machine mold it can heat up to 300 degrees centigrade within 40 minutes.

Features of die-heater

This is flat and both sided panel heater and can be used with putting on object between a pair of metal mold.
If it is necessary, it is possible to set different heating degrees on each panel.
It can heat only cavity of metal mold.
We can design and manufacture on costumer's demands and usages.
You can select intensity and control functions freely.

"Good heater is a heater which balances well input energy and heat output without making any problems
on material for holding heater, which easily expands and contracts. That is all."

Our Die-Heater is highly valued totally in that sense.

Sales points of Die Heater.

1.   Technical points.
Easy quality control of metal mold.
Preventing pin from getting dull.

2. Economical points.
Shortening a trial operation and no wasted trial operations.
Decreasing a preheating cost.
Decreasing working hours.
Increasing a product life of metal mold.

3.   Conditions who can use die heater.
Holding an electric power supply source.
Holding a measure of opening and shutting metal mold.

Die Heater is an equipment which heats only surface of cavity without damaging mold and
does not make defective products.