Metal mold heater

Energy saving type, 30% deduction of fuel consumption comparing to gas burner heater.

Far infrared radiant heater

Far infrared radiant heater
* It can heat coating mold uniformly.
* It does not damage surface of mold.
* Product life of coating mold is more than 2 times of product life of gas burner heater.
* It can control heating time by automatic operation with time switch.
* It can be designed to fit on mold size and throughput.
* We have lot of delivery records to forging and casting industries.


Necessary electric power Size and weight of the object to be processed. Preset temperature Necessary time
3φ 200V 33KW 630mmW×450mmL×120mmH 400Kg 450℃ 3 hours
3φ 200V 43.4KW 1,200mmW×1,050mmL×500mmH 1,200Kg 250℃ about 60 minutes
3φ 200V 41KW 750mmW×680mmL×300mmH 500Kg 450℃ about 60 minutes

(We will design based on clients demand such as process purposes and process conditions.)

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